Social Media Explained: It’s all about YOU (hat tip to Perry Belcher)

As so often happens, I find great stuff by accident. This guy Perry’s video popped up on YouTube this morning after I checked out the first installment of David Meerman Scott’s newest online video (check it out – it’s great). 

Anyway, I did the typical human ADD-oriented people trick of clicking on the next thing that interested me instead of going back to what I was doing (ha! who doesn’t get back to checking their email after a 30 minute detour??) and I’m glad I did. Because Perry’s video about Social Media is PERFECT! Not only because it has a fabulous (and memorable) analogy to how ‘regular’ people operate socially, it SHOWS PERRY AS HIMSELF. 

And for me, the fact that he knows what he’s talking about is good. The fact that I’m watching the video and saying “I like this guy’s energy and enthusiasm.  I can TELL he’s passionate about what he’s doing.  He’s somebody I want to get to KNOW” makes the case for social media. THAT is the perfect analogy — we do business with the people that we like. Being able to put enough of yourself out there, with enough connections to other people (it doesn’t matter what they are) is what sews this community together and creates that ecosystem that drives business. 

I’m a new, BIG fan.


About Melinda Moses

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One Response to Social Media Explained: It’s all about YOU (hat tip to Perry Belcher)

  1. Dan Keldsen says:

    Melinda – funny, I’ve followed Perry for a while on Twitter and Facebook, but hadn’t seen this video. Nicely explained – and absolutely agree with Perry – none of this is new. Connecting, communicating, marketing, selling… it’s all just what people do. Better, faster, cheaper, more widely distributed.


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