Forget business models. Create value by focusing on *Ideals *

An excerpt here from a very interesting perspective from Umair Haque on what’s driving business today …. (hint: it’s not monetization)


“Monetizing” + “business models” = zombieconomy. The reason monetization is a dirty word is simple. It blinds us to value creation, at the expense of value capture. When we seek to monetize, we end up chasing the same old lame competitive advantage. I win, you you, and you lose. Put another way: “monetizing” toxic junk – from CDOs, to Hummers, to McMansions, to Big Macs – is how we got into this mess.

It is by rediscovering how to make stuff that’s not toxic junk in the first place that well get out of the mess lame, evil, brain-dead 20th century thinking has left us in. That’s the challenge of a new generation of revolutionaries. And it’s not about new business models: its about reconceiving authentic, deep, value creation.

Forget business models. Focus on ideals. Reconceiving value creation depends on new ideals. Ideals shape what we wish to achieve in the first place: freedom, peace, fairness, justice – all are ideals vastly more powerful than mere business models. Thats because they are what ensure the value we are creating is authentic, deep, meaningful value – not just the shabby, threadbare illusion of value.

Click here to read more: via Why Ideals are the New Business Models – Umair Haque –


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