A video podcast by Polly Pearson of EMC and why Social Media Works

EMC gets intimate with it’s employees through social networking. Click here to listen to the podcast

EMC blogger and chronicler of life, HR, and all things social

EMC blogger and chronicler of life, HR, and all things social

Check out Polly’s video (produced by Larry Lawfer and YourStorys.com) and subscribe to her blog.  I have, and look forward to connecting (we have much in common) and listening to the podcast that Larry and company have produced.

This is a perfect example of how social media works.
Polly works in EMC’s HR department. She gives EMC employees a wonderful platform for sharing what’s important to them with the EMC community. I’ve got a huge history with EMC (Documentum) and ECM too. My husband works there now. I’m also a mother of young kids** and into social media and marketing for personal and professional reasons. I’m also socially oriented, like to scratch beneath the surface to find out what makes people tick, and connect with them on those levels.

The most successful social networking initiatives do the same thing. “Managed transparency” gives others hooks into you and your story, giving you permanent and safe links to people who will know who to go to (and why) when they and their friends are looking for the things you have to offer.

Larry Lawfer, podcast producer and founder, YourStorys

Larry Lawfer, podcast producer and founder, YourStorys

Learn more about Larry Lawfer and his terrific stories here. And share YOUR experiences about how you’ve succeeded by being transparent or connecting with someone else who shared with you!

** (Polly, just be glad he didn’t put the REAL dog in the microwave. Just remember, to kids life is just one big science experiment!).


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