to tweet or not to tweet

to tweet or not to tweet
(from Greg at Meebo)

I  love this! I’m not a big Shakespeare reader, but I know a good spoof when I see one, and this one’s great. It doesn’t hurt any that I also think Meebo is fantastic and wish all my friends and colleagues would use it too – it really makes it easier to see who’s online and connect (one to one or in a private chat room). I heartily encourage you to read this poem, and get onto Meebo. Not only is it free, it’s painless and useful.


Shakespeare Meets Twitter ... By Meebo

Meebo now has a Twitter feed.

We won’t be going overboard with Tweets, but if you want the latest news from Meebo, information about network issues, or just a Meebo tip from time to time, you should definitely try following us!

In honor of our new presence on Twitter, I decided to write a little poem. Well, I borrowed a bunch of the content, meter, and language from a guy named Bill S., and I threw in a random shoutout to Ed P., but it’s so silly, I don’t think they’ll mind ….

To Tweet or not to Tweet, that is the question;
Whether ’tis better for Meebo to offer
Tips and hints for our users’ benefit,
Or to give warning of network troubles,
And after fixing, end them. To IM, to Tweet;
Ever more; and by Tweet we mean
The broadcast of a mere 140 characters
That spread Meebo joy — ’tis a consummation
Devoutly to be wish’d. To IM, to Tweet;
To Tweet, perchance to dream. Ay, there’s the rub,
For in our Meebo, where all IMs may come,
Having unshackled ourselves from walled gardens,
We can be free. Happiness is in that
Which gives abilities like IM to anyone.
For Meebo sends the message in real time,
The content private, from one to another,
Safe for messages of love, of jest or play,
To message from the office, or to turn
At any moment to your most worthy trusted friend.
Whence shall we ourselves turn should any announcement make
For all to see? Who would follow us there,
To check our feed whenever need may be,
But those that have great time upon their hands,
Would check our blog o’er time and time again?
Some travelers return, read the blog,
And await each update we make of our message,
But how to reach the others that we know not of?
Thus Twitter is a newsreel for us all,
And with the easy manner now to reach you,
We will not Tweet without giving it great thought,
And only when it seems the perfect moment.
With this in mind please follow us on Twitter,
Account name Meebo: now take action.



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