Mashable’s “Top 7 Places to Watch Great Minds in Action” (videos)

Firing up those ideas

Synapses: igniting the sparks

Leverage THESE great minds to get your OWN mind cranking

Our brains are fantastic. They are capable of wondrous things … creating bold new ideas from the fabric and bits and pieces of our every day lives.

If we want to jumpstart our brains to think in terms of new ideas and new directions, some times all it takes is a spark — that momentary flash of brilliance that comes when our brains connect what we’re hearing with what’s been sitting in the back (or the forefront) of our thoughts.

Mashable’s posts are almost always an excellent resource for stimulating that creative thinking. In his post, Josh Calone of Mashable presents Top 7 Places to Watch Great Minds in Action, where we are introduced to conferences.

Check out TED, Pop!Tech, Business Innovation Factory, Gel, BIL,Big Think, ideaCity — watch, listen and learn about transformational ideas. Videos, overviews and links for each are included.

We might be able to attend them (or maybe we can) but the content is out there for all of us.

What’s YOUR favorite source for inspiration??


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