Moses Family Trip to Israel: Share our Adventure!

Our family went to Israel for my nephew Elisha Dan’s Bar Mitzvah. While there, we camped out in Jerusalem, Efrat (where our family lives), Kibbutz Lavi, and Tel Aviv. This slideshow will generate lots of memories, connections, and yearnings to visit.

Click to play this Smilebox greeting: Our trip to Israel: I
Moses Family in Israel. Slideshow created in Smilebox. Comments encouraged!

We visited a number of places in Israel from north to south. Some of it was planned but many times we just went along for the ride. We visited sacred sites, shared new customs, experienced different cultures and ways of life. Ate tons (and I mean tons!) of great food, walked and hiked for miles and miles! Even did a little shopping here and there.

Many of our favorite moments happened when we least expected them, and a number of them are shared here with you.

The reason for posting this SmileBox slideshow of our trip is because it taps so many memories – for everyone viewing this it will mean something different. This slideshow is a work in progress but there’s so much value in it as-is that I wanted to share  it with you all now. Social Media is like that – putting content like this ‘out there’ to share, with limited constraints, gives people an opportunity to benefit from its existence. Less about the form, more about the content and where it takes you!

So if you’d like to view it, please do. Couple of things to note:

1. Lots of pix – give it a minute to load. You’ll be rewarded.
2. There are no captions (yet). Create your own!
3. There are 250 pictures, most of them unique. A few dupes in there that  I’ll eventually remove.
4. There’s a place for comments. Add ’em. Especially if you were there (with our group or with your own).
5. If you want any pix from here, please contact me and I’ll get them to you.

I look at these pictures and they bring back so many memories. I imagine they will for you too.



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