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Mill House, Inn at Vaucluse Springs

My brother Josh got married at a wonderful spot in Virginia.  I wonder if the scenic beauty of the Mill House and its surrounds were what sealed the deal for him? Or maybe it was the cows across the street? Or the super-cool and comfortable Big House? Or the splendid food …

Whatever the reason, they saw it, they loved it, they had to have it, and they grabbed it for their big event.

Why’s it on my blog, you ask?? Because from the moment I saw it, it spoke to me too. And I’ve recommended it to folks who were looking for something different.

Does your stuff grab people the same way? And if it does, can they take positive action easily to learn more or make some sort of commitment before they move on to something else?

When we find something we like, we want to share. Make it easy.


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