How the “Artisanal” Movement Became our National Consumer Religion

This is a great, multi-component piece that brings home the concept of “Artisanal” to the masses, with links to everything you need to know about the Hand-Crafted, Home -Made Movement in America.

August 2010, Details Magazine

From Greenpoint, Brooklyn, to West Hollywood, from Austin to Anchorage, it seems like everyone on the street has a start-up soda label or handbag company he’d talk to you about if you only knew to ask, just as everyone in L.A. has a screenplay in his desk drawer and everyone in the San Francisco Bay Area has a Twitter-killing app on his thumb drive …”

This is a handcrafted story.  Assembled according to the time-honored traditions of the delightfully anachronistic magazine industry, it was carefully conceived by a small group of experienced editors, then slowly stitched together around locally sourced quotes, each word expertly tailored to your reading enjoyment (stitched—a nice word, isn’t it?). The author, emerging from the seclusion of his quiet work warren, submitted the piece only after it had met his exacting specifications and according to no schedule but that dictated by the work itself.

Click on either image to go to the main story in Detail magazine. Click on any of the images on that page to read related stories on the evolution of Artisanal in America, from a dictionary of terms to famous artisans in our history and more.

The Best Factory-Free Goods In America (photographs by Juliana Sohn)

Time Line: Great Moments in Craft Culture from Antiquity to Present (slideshow)


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