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Evernote: Remember Everything

Everybody’s busy these days, but we small business owners even more so. Enter Evernote, an application that manages all of your information, regardless of format. Even handwritten notes and audio files!

Think of it this way: in your daily routine, whether out and about, at your computer or merely in your office, you are always creating things you want to stash for future use – documents, ideas, web clippings, audio files (that taped conference call perhaps), video and photos. Even scraps of paper with handwritten notes. Evernote can manage all of it and find it for you later, even the handwritten stuff. You just have to capture it (cameras work great for this).

Speaking as a veteran of the content management arena for over two decades, this is a dandy way to keep track of it all and it’s super easy on any platform.

If you wonder what the fit is here with Spin It Up Local, that’s easy. Evernote is the tool I wish I was working with when I was in corporate marketing for doc and content management companies. It’s fast, it’s easy, it works. it’s free or pretty damn close (I have the professional edition … chump change monthly). But the value of being able to easily save and then find all the dribs and drabs of your day is hugely valuable to me, the artisan community, busy moms, harried professionals … anybody. So check it out!


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