NPR's Public Radio Kitchen: A Must-Visit Resource for Foodies

NPR, and WBUR locally, have long been my go-to destination for top news, ideas, resources. No exception is their food-oriented blog, Public Radio Kitchen. Worth checking frequently are live interviews, lists of other blogs and their owners, event listings, recipes and much more to entertain and educate you about all things food. It’s truly a beautiful, local resource.

NPR Public Radio Kitchen Logo

Here’s an excerpt from their recent Thursday-Tidbits post.

Photo: xorsyst/Flickr


Remember Those Postcards?
In the upcoming group exhibition “Dialogues“ at the Kingston Gallery in the South End, Krina Patel of Stir A Memory, spotlighted in November on PRK,  features her food images in conjunction with gallery artist Sharon Pierce. The exhibition runs until January 30th, with an opening reception January 7th from 5-7:30pm.

Beans, Beans, Good for Your Heart
Slow Food Boston brings you a “Bean Fest” on January 8th, 5-8pm at the First Parish Unitarian Universalist Church in Arlington. Did you know the word lens comes from lentils, whose shape they resemble? After a bit of bean lore from renowned culinary historian Ken Albala, attendees will settle down for an international legume potluck. Families welcome–there will be a game and activity room for children. Only a few spots remaining, so sign up now!

Saturdays in Wayland
Suit up and head out to the Wayland Winter Farmers’ Market, every Saturday from January 8th through March 12th, 10am-2pm. There will be two “Wool Days” (Jan. 22nd and Feb. 12) where farmers will bring hand-spun and hand-dyed yarn and other wool products. And, thanks to legislation passed this summer allowing MA wineries to offer tastings at agricultural events, six wineries will visit the market Jan. 29th for the first annual “MA Farm Wineries Day.” If there’s ever an excess of snowfall, call (508) 358-2283 to make sure they’re open.

–> Full Thursday Tidbits post

Anything you’d like to contribute? Want to toss around some ideas, noodle some ways to connect with NPR’s readers about your own food-related news and views? From one foodie to another, I’d love to know what you’re up to. I bet we all would!!

If you think you’d like to nominate something for the NPR blog, add a comment below about what it is and why it’s a candidate! ant to noodle some ideas, I’m game – contact me here! We’ll make sure our friends at NPR / WBUR are paying attention!



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