Finding your niche

Using the upcoming launch of a client’s e-book as an example, I wanted to talk a bit about how to enable you and your product to stand out in a crowd. Whatever “it” is, however much “it” costs, and to whomever “it” is directed.

The concept of over-cluttered marketplace is moot. We’ve known this for years, whether we’re looking for something ourselves or trying to get above the fray for whatever we’re trying to promote.

So how do we deal with it?? [shhhh, this is a big secret] We revert back to standard marketing tools and techniques. We understand who our audience is. We understand the competitive/collaborative/cooperative market we’re in. We know the value of our product and what it can do when the right audience engages with it.


About Melinda Moses

Social & Strategic Marketing for artisans, craftspeople, small businesses and the creatively inclined. Knot-Holer*, Blogger, Coach, Marketer, Audience Builder, Evangelist, Solopreneur, Mom, Technologist and Engagement Specialist. Get Found. Get Engaged. Get Results.
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