New Boston Artisans Market launches February 19th – 20th

Shirley Walsh, proprietor of funky & vintage stuff at Kalembar Dune in West Roxbury, is also director of the soon-to-open Boston Artisans Market. Open on weekends only, this marketplace is destined to be a fun, funky, welcome addition to the artisan scene in Boston and beyond!

Vendors of handcrafted works are welcome to apply for a table (there are a few remaining tables available for the 2/19 show). Small or large, contemporary, vintage or antique, show your stuff. But make sure it’s handcrafted (it’s a juried show) – nothing but the real deal is allowed here!

Fans and buyers are of course welcome. It should be fun to see how this market, sort of a cousin to the SoWA initiatives already in place, grows. And it can use ALL of our support. If we want to “buy local” and “support the little guy” this is one of the few places to go.

click here for more information
Visit their site
or download a Vendor Application

[don’t forget First Fridays, your local galleries and museums, and ‘impromptu’ showings at local cafes, libraries and other places too.] If you know of any other events for buying, selling or simply appreciating artisanally-crafted things, please let me know! Thanks!


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