Daily Grommet presents Garden Bon Bons from Moultonology

What a great way to say “thank you” to your teacher!!


Company:  Moulton (www.moultonology.com)
Product:  Garden Bon Bons
My Source:  Daily Grommet (www.dailygrommet.com)

If you love to watch things grow, but don’t always have time or inclination to make it happen, this is a packaged delight waiting to give you or someone you care about a season full of happiness. Ditto for the hard-working, wonderful people who I want to say “thank you” to at the end of a class, season, school year.

So I am thrilled to find a neat, easy to run with gift that says “you’re special.” I’m even more psyched because Moulton has thoughtfully composed versions of these Herb Bon Bons for lots of different things: tea drinkers, more potent beverages, various international sets. She did it creatively, she designed it nicely (big chops for visual appeal), she packaged it up in an easy-to-appreciate way, and she didn’t wait for it to be perfect before she got started. [but it keeps getting better].

As for Daily Grommet, they provide me with a daily dose of interesting and quirky things, packaged up with a little video that kicks off with their animated sequence that’s uplifting and cute. I love the way Daily Grommet’s Jules Peri and Joanne Domenicani weave their own thoughts with those of the product’s creator and footage of the product itself. All very easily digested (the videos are short).

I also like the way Daily Grommet packages up their rich media content so that it’s easy to see (and click on, and share) other product videos they’ve produced. To see how DG supplements this post in a clean, content-rich, visually appealing way, click here. And sign up while you’re at it!

They’re thinking long term (or as they say in social media marketing … “Long Tail”) approach – giving their videos a life long after their day on Facebook (or email, or however you get your Daily Grommet fix).


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