The "Local" Movement – let's do it.

Taza booth at SoWa, August 2010

I love how Taza's grown from small booth at SoWA to Brooklyn and Beyond!

We are in the midst of a successful and growing trend back to our roots. A movement. Back to man-made and home grown. Back to innovation and exploration of better ways to do things. It draws me in and wants me to be as big and powerful a megaphone for this change as I can possibly be. So I’ll share with you how we can do this together.

One of the best ways to support your local business is to visit them, learn about the people who make or grow or cook or build their wonderful things, and talk about them. Oh yeah … buying from them on occasion helps a lot too.

Using the Farmers Markets as an example we can see how each community has it’s own market. They rally the locals to join, and support the farmers to produce more, sell more, provide more to local businesses.

And then, these farmers markets join together to create regional goodness. This makes it easier for bigger initiatives to promote and sustain the Farmers Markets, the Farmers, and the patrons of these markets.

And then there are organizations like “Support Farmers Markets” who have made it their imperative to bring the best of the Farmers Markets to EVERYONE. You don’t have to be a farmer to benefit from learning how to plant and harvest. You don’t have to love fresh tomatoes to know when there’s a festival happening in your neck of the woods that would be a blast to attend (with or without your kids).

By the time we’re done, not that we’ll *ever* be done, there’s a spider-web of sites, content, inter-connected links that makes finding fresh and local Farm-related anything so straight-forward that we start using these resources more … and the big box, imported, often tasteless products less.

Same goes for culture of any kind. It’s a movement. And I am so proud to be supporting it.

Where do YOU go for farm-fresh and local? (help spread the word, and add a pic or two if you have them!)

A number of great links for Farmers Markets can be found on Facebook at Or you can click on the links below.


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