Mind Maps, or how to identify 20 new ideas in 10 minutes

Message Marketing with Mind Maps – Website Magazine.

Whenever I start with a new client, I meet with them first to explore their universe. I like to go deep and wide because, to me, the most interesting stories are on the fringe. The places where people don’t typically think of making connections, but where the returns are there for the taking. Using mind mapping software to facilitate free-thinking, quickly captured ideas is my very favorite way to do this – mind maps are spare on formatting, huge on organizing, and kind of fun to create, too! And when you’re done, push a button and your random thoughts are organized into an outline, ready for further exploration.

I started reading this article and loved it. They were writing about what I do! Mind maps are truly excellent tools for flushing out a whole bunch of tangents quickly, easily and as detailed as you want to go. So here – read this article to learn more about it – and then pick up a software app of your own. I’ve been using Freemind and it works fine for me. Other products have their own pros and cons. All have free versions so you can check them out before buying.

Here’s a snippet from the article.

Defining Mind Mapping

Mind maps are visual diagrams which represent concepts and/or tasks that can be, or are by their very nature, connected. Using the many available solutions on the market such as Mindomo, Mindmesiter, or FreeMind will provide Web marketing teams a way to understand these connections, a framework to generate ideas (brainstorm), and a means to prioritize tasks and visualize progress. The ways in which mind maps can be used are many.

Website Magazine reader Dave Gammage for example commented on a recent Facebook poll that “Mind mapping is a great technique for just about any type of individual or team brainstorming — site creation, product creation, or problem solving.” Most marketers, to their own detriment however, opt to work from “experience” and “intuition” — and often do so in a vacuum. [click here to read the rest of the article]


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