Frank Gehry: Architect, Artisan Takes NYC Hi-Rise Living to New Heights

New York by Frank Gehry

Taking Craftsmanship to New Heights - Gehry and his skyscraper

Wow. I know Gehry as the architect of the Rock & Roll Museum in Seattle and the Stata Center here in Cambridge (at MIT). His project “New York By Gehry” is a multi-purpose skyscraper in Manhattan that is more subtle than the other projects, more restrained in terms of odd architectural detail, unique in it’s features (bay windows, anyone?), taller than anything nearby, and absolutely gorgeous.

If you like accidentally encountering brilliant works of artisanry and craftsmanship, subscribe to the pubs that promote it. Like this one – Curbed NY. You’ll find inspiring stories that … the best way I can put it is … they just make me smile. And if you’re like me, they’ll make you smile too.

Gehry’s fascinating to watch and listen to in this short video (“The Film”) as he talks about what makes his building special. (Personally, I was mesmerized watching him sketch!) Enjoy the movie!


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