With two decades of technology-oriented strategic marketing, partner and business development behind me, and a true passion for helping others be successful through tools, ideas and roll-up-my-sleeves energy and enthusiasm, I can sum up what I do in three words.

Spin It Up!

I excel at working with people, organizations, and enterprises … at grass roots and from the top-down … to define the mission and then create and execute smart, cost-efficient, wildly effective ways to help you reach your goals. Creating programs that start with understanding your objectives and following up with appropriate calls-to-action are my specialty. My unique, outside-the-box thinking helps my clients get perspective and a fresh understanding of ALL the assets at their disposal to help them grow their business through traditional and social means.

Do you have a great idea and want to know how to get traction? Do you want to better understand who your true audiences are (there are always more than one group of people you need to reach/engage/convert), how to best get in front of them, and what messages will get their attention? Do you want to start your own social media communications/collaboration initiative and need some help getting started?? Want to build an online community but don’t know the first thing about it? Do you use newsletters but want to convert your stellar group of opt-in readers into more active buyers and referrers of your services?

Let’s start with your objectives, focus in on what you want to accomplish and how. Then the technology conversation can begin!

The world is your oyster. Truly. Let’s talk about what you want to do and ‘spin up’ some ideas. As a good friend and entrepreneurial spirit once said … it’s amazing what a short conversation and a tiny bit of direction can do to get something wonderful off the ground.

So call me! 508.881.1519 or melindamoses@gmail.com.  Start getting some traction today!


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